Microchip:                    $25.00/a pet

**The entire microchip charge will be donated to The Duke & Oliver Foundation**

Clay Paw Print:             $25.00/a pet

​Potty Breaks:              $30.00/a visit

Doggy Nanny Package:   $75.00/day*

Baths (Short Haired Only)

Tiny Dog (0-10 lbs): $15.00

Small Dog (11-30 lbs): $20.00

Medium Dog (31-60lbs): $30.00

Large Dog (61-100lbs): $35.00

Giant Dog (over 101 lbs): $40.00

​Travel Fee:               $15.00/a visit**

*Please contact us for package details.

​**Outside a 10 mile radius of 75052 zip Code

Nail Trim:                  $15.00/a pet   

Nail Trim Difficult:     $25.00/a pet

Smoothing Tips:         $5.00/a pet     

Dremel Only:              $25.00/a pet

Anal Gland Expression:  $25.00/a pet

Teeth Brushing:            $10.00/a pet

Ear Cleaning:                $15.00/a pet

Paw Hair Clean Up:       $10.00/a pet

Sanitary Trim:              $20.00/a pet