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My name is Christine.  All my life, I’ve loved animals.  When I was a little girl all I wanted to do was help and love on them.  That passion never died as I grew older.  In fact, as I grew, so did my dedication to animals, specifically dogs and cats!
I found myself wanting to help people’s pets and knew that being a vet tech was for me!  After over 10 years working in a veterinarian’s clinic, my desire to help pets really blossomed.  Over the years, I have noticed many owners struggling with their frightened pets when it was time for the dreaded nail trim or ear cleaning at the vet’s office.  It can be a scary experience for any pet, well-mannered or new rescue.  This broke my heart!  I took great pride in my ability to calm not only the pet, but also the owners!  That’s when the “ah-ha” moment struck me.
I knew there HAD to be a less stressful solution for the pet.
Vet Tech A Go Go was born in February 2015 and the demand skyrocketed quickly!   We have over 100 happy clients and over 200 well-loved pets who no longer experience the anxiety and trauma of visiting the vet.
Vet Tech A Go Go serves a large area all over Dallas/Ft. Worth and are happy to serve multiple pets in one visit!
Your happy pet, our honest professionalism.  I hope to meet you and your loved “furbaby” soon!

My mission